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Does the Bible teach marriage between one man and

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Are Conservative Christians Losing or Forfeiting War on Gay

Is this not a discussion on homosexuality ? The Bible warns against it along with other sins. But, yet, the Bible does specifically warn against it. Should we not do the same? Should we not do what the Bible says and speak the truth eliefbeat/2010/07/conservative-christians-losing-or

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Apologetics - The Poached Egg: Homosexuality

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Discrimination based on homosexuality is prescribed directly by the bible . To be honest, anyone claiming the infallibility of the bible on homosexuality , is also claiming that the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Executive Branch

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Homosexuality and Religion

A mordern liberal Christian perspective on the hotly-debated subject of gays in church and Christianity. Homosexuality and Religion Kenneth Cauthen The Koran And The Bible : Is Jesus God?

Is the Death of Evangelical Christianity Imminent? 5 Monumental

Where did I say that? Homosexuality is a sin; we know it from various parts of the Bible . However, it was never said by Jesus Himself… which is what was originally said ihere and which you took exception to (but were wrong about).

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